Pre-applied Fasteners

Pre-Application Processing Centers

We can supply thread sealants as a pre-applied thread sealant or in bulk liquid or bottle form as a user-applied formula. Our sealant can be pre-applied to virtually any configuration and quantity of parts. Pre-Applied is less expensive than applying bottled thread sealing compounds or tapes at the point of assembly.


Whether your job is large or small, we're your source for pre-applied fastening products. In addition, many of our products are formulated to allow other applicators of fastener locking, sealing, and bonding products to pre-apply them at their own facilities.


We also offers services like, color coding, specially designed to make assembling simple, more accurate, and faster. Save your customers money in their assembly process by:
  • Decreasing the number of errors made during assembly
  • Increasing productivity by speeding up the entire assembly process