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Bulbex Rivets

Bulbex Blind Rivets

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Jay-Cee Sales and Rivet Inc. offers a large selection of Bulbex blind rivets. Already know what kind of blind rivet you need? Call us today to place your order!

Bulbex Blind Rivet Specifications

Series Head Style Material Finish
Rivet Mandrel Rivet Mandrel
AAPAB Lo Profile Aluminum Aluminum Plain Plain
AALAB Large Flange Aluminum Aluminum Plain Plain
Lo-Profile Head Large-Flange Head
Nom. Rivet Diam. Hole Size E Max. ARivetDiam. BNom.Head Diam. D Max. Head Ht. B Nom. Head Diam. D Max.Head Ht.
5/32" .165-.177 0.09 0.165 0.312 0.06 - -
(4.0mm) (4.20-4.50mm) (2.27mm) (4.19mm) (7.9mm) (1.53mm) - -
3/16" .197-.207 0.112 0.197 0.387 0.08 0.61 0.08
(4.8mm) (5.00-5.25mm) (2.83mm) (5mm) (9.83mm) (2.04mm) (15.5mm) (2.04mm)
Rivet Diam. Grip Range M Max. AAPAB - Dome Head Aluminum Rivet Aluminum Mandrel AALAB - Large Flange Head Aluminum Rivet Aluminum Mandrel
5/32"(4.0mm) .040-.118(1.00-3.00mm) .630(16mm) PR52AAPAB -
.040-.275(1.00-7.50mm) .840(21.2mm) PR54AAPAB -
3/16"(4.8mm) .040-.157(1.00-4.00mm) .720(18.3mm) PR62.5AAPAB PR62.5AALAB
.040-.354(1.00-9.00mm) .920(23.3mm) PR66AAPAB PR66AALAB
.157-.472(4.00-12.00mm) 1.07(27.1mm) PR68AAPAB -
Typical Rivet Shear and Tensile Strength lbf. (N) BULBEX™
Rivet Diam. AAPAB/AALAB Aluminum
Shear Tensile
5/32" (4.0mm) 135 (600) 225 (1000)
3/16" (4.8mm) 175 (780) 240 (1070)