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MS & AN Rivets

MS & AN Solid Rivets

Rivet Head Styles and Standard Head Markings

We carry a commercial equivalent line of Military Standard rivets and Army Navy Specifications rivets for all standard rivet head styles and markings. For more information, use the chart below, or call us today!

MS & AN Solid Rivets
  • AN470 rivet Supersedes AN430 rivet, AN442 rivet, AN-455 rivet & AN456 rivet In Most Applications.
  • AN425 rivet Inactive
    - Example: AN-470-AD-4-8 rivet
  • AN - When these two letters precede numbers, they indicate Army and Navy Specifications.
  • MS - When these two letters precede numbers, they indicate Military Standard Specifications.
  • 470 - The first three numbers indicate they type of head 470=universal head, 430= round head, etc.
  • AD - Letters following head type code indicate material:
  • A=1100(2S) Aluminum, AD=2117-T4(A17ST), etc.
  • 4 - First numbers after material code indicate diameter of rivet in 32nds of an inch. 4=4/32" or 1/8", 12=12/32" or 3/8", etc.
  • 8 - Last numbers indicate length of rivet in 16ths of an inch: 8=8/16" or 1/2", 10=10/16" or 5/8", etc.