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Rivets & Rivet Nuts

The largest in-stock selection of rivets, rivet nuts and threaded inserts for every application. A huge selection of materials and head styles are available. Click Here To Learn More.

Rivet Tools

Power & Hand Rivet Tools

From blind rivet tools to rivet nut tools, you can count on Jay-Cee Sales & Rivet to provide you with quality, cost effective hand and power rivet tools. Click Here To Learn More.

Other fasteners

Other Fasteners

We are a lot more than just rivets! RivetsOnline.com is your single source for SAE clevis pins, hairpin cotters, escutcheon pins, plusnuts, rivnuts, and more. Click Here To Learn More.

rivet nuts

Rivet Nuts

We offer a complete line of rivet nuts with a variety of features: splined and non-splined body, large and small flange head, high strength threads and more. Click Here To Learn More.

thread repair

Thread Repair

Our thread repair kitss provide a completely new solution to stripped and cracked bolt holes. Nothing comes close to the strength and durability of our inserts. Click Here To Learn More.

binder posts

Binder Posts

We have the Post Binders you need for home office or business. Shop our great selection of Special Use Binders Posts, Chicago Screws & Barrel Nuts. Click Here To Learn More.

drive screws

Drive Screws

U-drive self-tapping screws are often used for attaching nameplates in castings and for sealing drain holes in corrosion proofing tubular structures. Click Here To Learn More.

washer burrs


Standard rivet burrs & washers are supplied in steel, aluminum, and 18-8 stainless steel. Check out our selection and feel free to contact us for special sizes. Click Here To Learn More.

cleco fasteners

Cleco Fasteners

Cleco Fasteners provide the quickest method for holding sheets together for drilling or riveting. Drill the size hole needed for the rivet and insert the sheet holder. Click Here To Learn More.


Lockbolts & Collars

A unique blind rivet fastener offering a wide grip range and an ingenious locking action that clamps the assembly from both sides for maximum joint integrity. Click Here To Learn More.

thread lock

Thread Lock

Our oil tolerant thread lock withstand high temperatures and cure without cleaning or priming. Our threadlockers can stand up to every manufacturing challenge. Click Here To Learn More.